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Raycris Large Munsterlanders

Established since 1978


Freya and Heidi on point on a Hen Pheasant

The Large Munsterlander exists today as a breed because of it's excellent natural ability as a gundog. This ability is nurtured in all breeding stock in Germany, it's country of origin. To ensure our dogs keep this ability, we regularly use fresh mating's from proven German dogs.

 Large Munsterlanders are eager hunters, natural pointers and excel at retrieving, making them a super dog for the rough shooter.

 Their strong pointing instinct makes them very suitable for working with falcons and their tracking ability a good companion for the deer stalker.

Raycris doing what comes naturally

Raycris Carla (Bella) the only british bred Large Munsterlander to gain an award in the HZP working test in Germany, gaining 4th place. 

Bella also won 2nd place at the VGM Club Show graded SG/SG ie very good in conformation and coat. 

Owned by Michael Waterworth, handled by Uli Sengen 

  Bosco (Raycris Lure of the Quest at Teufelsmoor) was awarded a COM and the Guns Award at the LMC Novice Field Trial on December 15th 2014

Handled by Ian Tapp

Brubeck (Raycris Gabriel of Teufelsmoor) passed his BMHS Schweisshund Level 1 Test with a Diploma 1 

(Bavarian Mountain Hound Society Blood Tracking Test of 400 metre length with two 90 degree turns, aged 3-5 hours, laid with 100ml blood and an obedience test, Pass with the highest grade) 

Handled by Sue Wood  

Hunting with Kauto (above )  

above : KAUTO & EVA hunting a reed bed for duck 

 Hanna v Ahler Esch on the grouse moor (above )     

We work our dogs on local shoots that vary from large root fields to dense woodland. Given the choice most Munsterlanders seem to love working on a duck shoot where they can show their skill in the water or reed beds.

Our dogs always prove popular with the 'guns' on the various shoots where they work, possibly due to their outstanding ability in finding 'lost' game

 We all occasionally enjoy outings to field Trials in the shooting season and Gundog working tests during the summer months. So far we have bred 8 Munsterlanders which have gained field trial awards as well as the

 12 full champions.