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Raycris Large Munsterlanders

Established since 1978


If you are interested in owning a Raycris Puppy, please feel free to contact us about our future planned litters!!​

Please feel free to contact us if you think you might be interested in having one of our puppies in the future, you are welcome to contact us and we may be able to give some indication as to when we next plan on having a litter of Raycris Puppies.

  All our puppies are reared in the house as part of our family and are well socialised.

Breeding healthy intelligent puppies which still have all their natural working instincts is what we do best! We aim for Munster's that will work one day and then go to a show the next day and win.

We are careful when selecting the right mate for any of our bitches. First and foremost all breeding stock must be tested and free from any hereditary problems.

Munsterlanders can suffer from Hip Dysplasia and Hereditary Cataract

ALL our dogs have had their hips scored and our breeding dogs have their eyes checked on a yearly basis.

We have imported 4 dogs from Germany and have quite recently taken advantage of the pet passport scheme and had 7 matings from German stud dogs. By doing this we have been able to keep our lovely Raycris breeding line whilst avoiding any mating's which in our opinion may be seen as inbreeding. The Results speak for themselves.

Our very special CH Raycris Simply Gorgeous - was first Munsterlander in the UK to have a litter by Artificial insemination.

The father - Australian Champion Raene the Kqrac Falcon JW.

    In fact there is already another generation on from this mating.

Raycris Breeders who plan for the future and work hard to keep blood lines open and fresh.