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Raycris Large Munsterlanders

Established since 1978

At Usk Valley Working Gundog Club Field Trial Lexi (Raycris Temptress) was awarded 3rd place handled by R Major.

This now makes her a full Champion

Judges Report from the day:

This dog had a cheek wind on its first run and used the wind well covering the ground in an efficient way. The first run was blank. The dog was call forward for it’s second run which started with a blind retrieve on a grouse runner. The dog was handled into the area and found the bird some distance from the point of fall and made a nice retrieve bringing it back to the handler alive. We ran the dog on into a head wind where it soon located a covey of grouse. The dog produced the birds for the guns and was steady to flush and shot. A bird was shot and the dog was sent for the retrieve. Again this was a runner and the dog located it and brought it back alive. The water was completed and this work merited a third.

 Ch Raycris The Temptress 


Date of Birth 30/07/2019

Both Robert and I are hoping Lexi will be field trialed this coming season.

Her show career this year started at North HPR were she went Best of Breed and got pulled into the last 4 in Show.  At Lexi's first Champ Show she won the Bitch CC and then went BEST IN SHOW.

At National Gundog Association Lexi was awarded the Bitch CC.

Lexi was awarded the Bitch CC and BEST OF BREED at Paignton & District Fanciers Association, this is Lexi's 3rd CC, which subject to KC confirmation will make her a Show Champion!!

Lexi is jointly owned by Christine Ogle and Robert Suchett-Kaye 

Lexi has qualified into Open Field Trials at 2 years old!

Lexi enjoying a day out working!